Custom Botanique FAQ's


  1. How do I hang or mount my acrylic sign? For Stacked, Knockout, Etched, and White Acrylic signs, the back of the sign is completely flat and no mounting hardware is included. Mounting depends on the surface you are mounting to. We typically recommend 3M VHB tape but it depends on the surface you are mounting to as different mounting tapes and strips are meant for different surfaces. We've had clients mount their signs on drywall, tile, stone, flower walls, backdrops, canvas, fabric, wallpaper etc. Other mounting options include using invisible wire, ribbon, or an easel etc. For Mirrored Acrylic Names, you have the option of having mounting hardware installed. You may select this when personalizing your sign. These can also be mounted in other ways mentioned above.
  2. Are they breakable? Yes. Please handle your sign with care, as you would a mirror. If your sign falls on a hard surface, it will likely break. If this happens, please contact us and we will try to help. We've all been there and know the feeling.


  1. If ordering a family name, do I include an apostrophe? This is really up to you and we have clients that order with and without apostrophes. Directly from Merriam-Webster: Names are pluralized like regular words. Add -es for names ending in "s" or "z" and add -s for everything else. When indicating the possessive, if there is more than one owner add an apostrophe to the plural; if there is one owner, add 's to the singular (The Smiths' car vs. Smith's car)
  2. Can I reposition the sign or use it on another wreath? Yes. The sign is positioned and hand tied to your wreath using monofilament. You may reposition, attach in another way, or remove and attach to another wreath by cutting the monofilament.
  3. What is the backing of the wreath?  This depends on the wreath and should be included in the product details.


  1. Can you match colors to my nursery, wedding, or event? Yes. We love special requests! Select "Choose your flowers" as your color option and leave your request in the "Special Request Notes" text box. You may also email a photo of your nursery or your inspiration etc. We've matched to art, mood boards, bedding, wallpaper etc.
  2. How big are the signs? Dimensions are included on each product page and if you'd like to know specific dimensions prior to ordering, please email with the name, font, and size you're interested in. We'll followup via email with expected dimensions.
  3. How much do Custom Botaniques weigh? Typically signs are 3-5 lbs.
  4. May I order without flowers and greenery? Yes. Please select "Moss Only" as your flower color.
  5. Can I select the flowers used? If "Choose your flowers" displays as an option under flower color, then yes you may. Please only choose from the flower numbers and greenery letters shown on the product page. If you list a flower number or greenery letter not shown, we cannot guarantee availability and at designer discretion we will substitute or not use the requested selection if not shown on the product page. We have more flower colors and options than listed. If you don't see a specific flower you'd like included, please add a note with your specific flower requests in the "Special Request Notes" of each product. We try hard to fulfill Special Request Notes but cannot guarantee it. If you request something not shown, we suggest you purchase a proof so that you're able to view and approve your Custom Botanique prior to shipment.
  6. Can I exclude flowers from being used? If you're not a fan of roses that's okay! Just leave a note with flowers to exclude in the "Special Request Notes" text box.
  7. What size are the flowers? Flowers vary from 1cm to 5 inches in width. We recommend smaller flowers (8, 17, and 18 are some favorites!) because they are small enough to not detract from the name. We try to show size variation in photos and you can see differences on the product page, in our gallery, and via instagram. If you have specific size questions please email us a request at or reach out to us on instagram. We do NOT recommend the largest flowers 49, 46, or 1 for regular sized signs.
  8. Any recommendations for how to choose your flowers and greenery? First, go with your gut! Similar to how you might choose art, our designers encourage you to choose the flowers that first jump out to you. In general we recommend using either small or a mix of large and small flowers. For greenery, we love W and B paired with something wispy like E or H. Consider flower sizes and shapes to add variety and make your sign unique. Also consider that you don't need to choose all 3 flowers or all 3 greenery options. We often use just 2 instead of three. Or, simply choose a color and our designers will custom create something that works with your name and color palette!
  9. What are other common special requests? If you're ordering a name or word with the letter "i" included, feel free to specify if you'd like a flower to dot the "i".  Another common request is to match to a photo seen on Instagram or in our gallery - just let us know which name or image you like and we can use it to base the design. If you want to detail exactly where you'd like flowers to be placed you may do so by sending your order and placement details (drawing works best!) to 
  10. Are your products custom made for me? Each Custom Botanique is a unique handmade product made just for you. Each is one-of-a-kind. First the name is designed and a template is created. Next the sign is cut from premium 1/2" Baltic Birch. Mounting holes (for sizes regular or larger) are pre-drilled in case you want to use the included hardware. Then, preserved moss is applied to the sign. Finally, our design team selects faux florals according to your order and arranges them on your Custom Botanique. While not a distinguishing feature, sides may be light or dark depending on cutting method.
  11. How long do they last? As long as you want them to. We use preserved moss and faux florals, meaning they will not wilt or die like fresh flowers do.
  12. Is the moss real? The moss is real preserved reindeer moss. The flowers and succulents are faux.
  13. What kind of flowers are used? A variety of faux flowers are hand selected by our lead designer, a former flower buyer for a major retailer. The best part about this? They last and last unlike fresh flowers.
  14. How do I hang my Custom Botanique? Holes are predrilled on the backside of regular sizes and larger. Mounting hardware is included. Other options include hanging with decorative ribbon or using adhesive strips like Command strips (sold elsewhere) or in another secure manner. Please make sure to hang any product securely and out of reach of small hands.
  15. Can you do something completely custom like a different font, handwriting, stacked text, or logos? Yes! Email us at for a custom quote.
  16. Can I order a custom size? Yes! Email us at and let us know what you're looking for. 
  17. Did you make a sign for X celebrity or Y? Our lips are sealed! What name did X or Y order? Still sealed!
  18. Can I return my Custom Botanique? Unfortunately, no. Our products are custom made by order and so all sales are final.
  19. Are Moss Floral Custom Botaniques made in the USA? Yes -- made and assembled in the US.
  20. How do I ask more questions? Email us at 


  1. May I see my order before it ships? Yes. Please select the option WITH PROOF when placing your order if it is available. This will allow you to receive a photo proof and gives you the the option to make one round of changes to flowers or flower placement. If changes are requested, your order will ship as soon as changes are made.
  2. How does the PROOF process work? You will receive a photo proof roughly one week days prior to your expected delivery date via email. This process gives you the option to make one round of changes to flowers or flower placement. Sorry, as the name is already cut, no changes can be made to the name/word, size, or font. We ask for your feedback as soon as possible or within 24 hours. If approved without changes, your order should deliver on time. If changes are requested, your order moves back to the design tables and we do our best to quickly make changes but may be delayed up to a week. As your proof only includes one round of changes, only the initial photo is sent. If you'd like to receive another photo and proof round, we will send you a custom invoice for another proof round. If you elect to receive a proof, please include your phone number so that we may contact you if needed. 
  3. Why do you need my number and what if I don't respond to the proof email? We work hard to get your feedback. If we don't receive a reply from the proof email within 3-5 days, we will followup with another email. If we still don't hear from you, and you included a phone number with your order, we will contact you via text or call. If we are still unable to receive a reply from you within 2 weeks and we've contacted you at least 3 times, we will process your shipment. 
  4. What if I don't receive my proof? Please contact us. Depending on your email settings and service, the email may fall into your spam folder. Please check your spam/junk folder and don't hesitate to reach out to us!


  1. How much is shipping? We offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more.
  2. When will I receive my order? Current turnaround time to receive orders is shown in cart and is typically up to 8 weeks. We cannot guarantee delivery prior to the turnaround shown in cart. 
  3. Can I get my order sooner? You may have the option of expediting design, fabrication, and shipping. Expedited orders arrive to you in 14 days and incur an additional fee. If you need your order faster, please contact us at to get a custom quote. If expedited option is available it will display in the cart. If production is too tight to allow it, it will not show in the cart. 
  4. May I add a special request note of when I need my order by? It is helpful to add but please do not place your order unless you are okay with the full turnaround shown in cart. We cannot guarantee delivery by a certain date simply because a date is requested in the order.
  5. Does Custom Botanique ship to Alaska, Hawaii, PO Boxes, or countries other than the USA? Not right now but check back soon.


  1. This is a gift. How will the recipient know it's from me? Orders are not shipped with picking slip so if you're shipping a gift, please add a gift note in your shopping cart.
  2. Do you offer gift notes? Yes! A gift note can be added in the cart. If a gift note is selected, it is hand written and included with shipment.
  3. Do you offer gift packaging? Each order comes wrapped in our secure floral wrap including bubble, plastic, kraft paper, raffia ribbon and a flower accent.


  1. How do I clean my Custom Botanique? For Moss and Florals, we recommend removing from wall and cleaning outdoors. A blow dryer on cool and low can help to blow away any dust. You can also gently brush petals with a soft makeup brush.
  2. Will my Custom Botanique transfer color? Our moss is preserved to maintain its color and minimize shedding. However, because it is preserved and natural, some color transfer can happen.
  3. Will my Custom Botanique dry out? Our moss is preserved to maintain its color and minimize shedding. However, some shedding during shipment and transit is normal. Custom Botaniques are better than fresh flowers because they last. Some drying is natural but the look will be preserved over time. If your moss is dry to the touch, you may remove from wall and carefully spray with water bottle so that it regains its body and soft touch.